The practices that get us through

The practices that get us through

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 | By Jen Higgins-Newman, BHFH Program Manager

Someone asked me recently, “What are people doing that’s enriching our spiritual lives during this time?” Of course, one answer could be “trying to attend worship” or “praying.” But I like to think of this question expansively. 

This weekend, my housemate Elise led some of us in a yoga practice in our Meeting Room. My spouse Ryan and our Residency Director Jeff have been going on regular runs. Vickie, our Kitchen Manager, has been sewing cloth masks. I have been coloring mandalas (pictured above).

Some of us have been baking, some are coloring or making art, others are tending to our growing garden. These practices are becoming part of the fabric of our lives in this time of uncertainty. And all of these practices are in some way nourishing to our spirits. 

What practices are helping you get through? What is nourishing your spirit in this time? 

In Light and community,