Looking through a new lens

July 21, 2020 | By Jen Higgins-Newman, BHFH Program Manager 

Hello friends,

On July 11, I got to see our house from a different lens — literally.

We held our annual “BBQ and Open House” virtually, through a live-streamed video. I ran the technology for our event, while my colleagues Vickie and Nils filmed and gave a live tour of our house. 

In four months, this was the first time I was able to step back and see our house and community from a different perspective: from the observer curious about our home and life now. Appreciating it for the beauty that it is — both the beauty of the building and the community itself. 

It reminds me of this quote that I was given in divinity school: 

“[T]here is another kind of seeing that involves a letting go. When I see this way I sway transfixed and emptied. The difference between the two ways of seeing is the difference between walking with and without a camera. When I walk with a camera I walk from shot to shot, reading the light on a calibrated meter. When I walk without a camera, my own shutter opens, and the moment’s light prints on my own silver gut. When I see this second way I am above all an unscrupulous observer.”

— Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

In addition to this brief message, I’m also writing to invite you to our upcoming virtual events — from near or afar. We are excited to welcome you. 

In Light and community, 


P.S. You can view the recording of our live house tour here.