Scenes from Life at BHFH

Scenes from Life at BHFH

“A Quaker, a Catholic, a Muslim, and two agnostics walk into a room… That’s not a joke, this is just the group of people I had in my reading and discussion group tonight. What were we discussing? Thich Nhat Hanh’s book: Living Buddha, Living Christ. My life is so freaking cool, y’all.” 

– from a resident’s Facebook page

Like all of you reading this, we at the House have had to reimagine our lives over the past seven months. One gift is that we have more time for each other. Here’s a little glimpse into some of our new resident life traditions (and some twists on old favorites):

Rumi Trek Night is two ideas in one. Every Monday night, there is a group discussion of Rumi’s Masnavi, including readings in Persian provided by a resident. This is followed by a screening of a classic Star Trek episode. We project on the ceiling of the Meeting Room and lie down as if stargazing. 

While tea has long been a part of the Friends House culture with our post-dinner tea service (“Tea for Thee?”), we have a new daily Tea Time tradition every day at 11 am and 4 pm in the Parlor. It’s a great little break, and helps give some rhythm to our work days now spent at home.

Our new Thich Nhat Hanh Reading Group, referenced in the quote above, exemplifies the diversity and curiosity of our residents here. This group is working through Living Buddha, Living Christ a couple chapters per month. 

Our community continues to be enriched by the addition of new residents. We’ve taken to throwing special Welcome Dinners to celebrate these arrivals with a casual space to meet and connect.

We took our little bubble up to Friends Camp in Maine for a special Fall Retreat. We followed a rough approximation of a day at summer camp. Shoutout to Anna Hopkins for such a warm welcome on the chilly weekend.

If this active, diverse, cooperative community seems like a place for you, please reach out to Jeff at or find more information here.