Collage of four photos showing groups of people gathering in the Friends House

Job Description for BHFH Program Manager

Collage of four photos showing groups of people gathering in the Friends House
Scenes from events at the Friends House in 2018 and 2019.


The Beacon Hill Friends House (BHFH), located in downtown Boston, is a center for Quaker education and witness, the home of Beacon Hill Friends Meeting, and a residential intentional community inspired by Quaker principles. Since 1957, between 18 and 22 people each year – Quakers and others – have made a home at the Friends House based on Quaker principles of faithfulness, simplicity, integrity, community, and social responsibility. BHFH is currently implementing a bold strategic plan to strengthen our work as a center for learning, leadership, and social action grounded in Quaker values; the Program Manager position, created in 2018, is a core part of that plan.

At this time we are no longer seeking additional applications for the Program Manager position.

Position Overview

Schedule: Full-time weekdays, with regular evening or weekend meetings and events. Some flexibility of schedule (e.g. Sun-Thurs) is possible.
Expected Start Date: January 2020.
Compensation: Free single room, full board (food), and all utilities in our beautiful large historic house on a quiet tree-lined street in downtown Boston, along with salary. Salary component of compensation will be commensurate with experience above a minimum of $26,000. Robust benefits package including full health insurance and generous vacation policy. Employees receive retirement contributions equivalent to 10% of their salary starting after one year of work for the organization.
Housing: This role is a residential position, meaning that the Program Manager will live at the Friends House as a member of the residential community and receive room and board as part of the compensation package, as do the other three staff members of the Friends House. More information about residency at BHFH can be found in the required staff application for residency. Interested candidates who have questions about the residential arrangement are encouraged to contact

The Program Manager of Beacon Hill Friends House collaboratively develops and manages a range of public programmatic, communications, and outreach activities for the Friends House, living into our recently expanded vision for what the Friends House can be in the world.

Our vision for expanded Friends House programming encompasses a mix of social justice action and advocacy opportunities, educational events, and the use of our space by third-party groups. The Program Manager will also work to further build collaborative relationships with leaders and members of area social justice organizations and related groups and will provide opportunities for Quakers and many others to act in solidarity with these groups in support of their goals that are consistent with Friends’ Testimonies. Our programming includes both “inner” and “outer” work and involves ongoing exploration of how our Quaker identity informs and shapes our offerings, such as “contemplative” or “spirit-led” action. This work involves building on our momentum of the past few years, and supporting continued discernment of the unique strengths of the BHFH community and how to bring the gifts of the Friends House, and of Quakerism, to the world through our programming and outreach.

More information about the role, including specific responsibilities and qualifications, is below. The Program Manager position is fairly new to our organization – the incoming person will be the second in the role – and we look forward to working with the successful candidate to further define the role.


1. Direct BHFH Public Programming (~30%)

  • In collaboration with the BHFH Quaker Action Committee and Executive Director, identify social action opportunities and advocacy priorities, and mobilize the BHFH community (including House residents, area Quakers, and others) to engage in social action at the community, local, state, and/or federal levels.
  • Develop, coordinate, and/or convene a variety of educational and capacity-building programs of interest to Quakers, the interfaith community, social justice activists and advocates, our neighbors on Beacon Hill, and the general public. 
  • Coordinate with the BHFH Quaker Learning Committee and Quaker Action Committee in developing programming.
  • Serve as host and/or moderator of public programming, and organizer of volunteers to support programming and events. When appropriate, serve as facilitator, workshop leader, or presenter.
  • Work with the Executive Director to hone and articulate the Quaker identity of the organization and its programming to the public. 

2. Manage Facility Rentals and Programmatic Partnerships (~30%)

  • Manage and promote the facility rental of the BHFH Meeting Room and Parlor by outside organizations.
  • Work with outside groups and individuals to schedule third-party public programs at the Friends House whose publicity is supported by the House.
  • Build and expand relationships between BHFH and Boston-area social justice organizations, interfaith groups, congregations, and others.
  • Explore collaborations and partnerships with other Quaker organizations such as Beacon Hill Friends Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting, Quaker Voluntary Service, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).

3. Communications and Outreach (~30%)

  • Lead promotion and publicity for Friends House public events – including through print media, publications, web, social media, email, and other channels – and leverage external partnerships to generate strong levels of participation in BHFH events and other programming at the Friends House.
  • Produce the monthly e-newsletter of upcoming events, opportunities, and other Friends House news.
  • Promote Friends House events and other happenings on social media and the Friends House website.
  • Support content creation and publication of the twice-annual BHFH print newsletter.
  • Provide written content about BHFH programming and other activities for mailings, grant applications, or promotional materials.
  • Provide occasional support to the Executive Director and Development Committee in fundraising efforts.
  • Maintain online records of contacts, partners, event content and attendance, and other relevant data in accordance with BHFH policies.

4. Other Staff Duties (~10%)

  • Serve as a member of the BHFH staff supporting the general operation and administration of the Friends House.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings; meet weekly or bi-weekly with supervisor; meet periodically with other staff, committees, committee clerks, individual residents, or others as useful to carry out job responsibilities.
  • Assist the BHFH Residency Manager in enhancing programming and other aspects of the BHFH residency experience that focus on exploring and sharing the spiritual or personal paths of residents, including learning from Quaker faith and practice as well as other sources.

In addition, as a resident of the Friends House, the Program Manager is subject to the responsibilities and benefits of Friends House residency as described in the BHFH Resident Handbook. These include attending bi-weekly House Meeting, attending on average at least 3 out of 5 weekly House Dinners, performing weekly dishcrew and chores; benefits include receiving up to 5 nights’ free use of a Friends House guest room per year, and may book further nights at half the cost of the public rate.


  • At least 3-5 years’ experience in advocacy, organizing, religious, community, or other organizations developing programming, communications, and partnerships and organizing or otherwise working closely with people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and cultures.
  • Demonstrated experience in roles showing creativity and persistence both to come up with new initiatives and partnerships and to see them through to completion.
  • Willingness to work closely with other staff members, board members, residents, and volunteers to support general BHFH operations and activities in a spirit of collaboration, optimism, and mutual support. 
  • Commitment to Quaker values and Quaker approaches to social change.

Required Skills

  • Strong project-management abilities and ability to keep track of and complete many tasks without letting anything “fall through the cracks.”
  • Confidence and strength in written and verbal communication.
  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills; ability to work independently while managing multiple projects and competing priorities.
  • Demonstrable familiarity with Quakerism and skill in articulating Quaker principles, approaches, and practices.

Preferred Additional Qualifications

  • Work or volunteer experience with a Quaker organization or Yearly Meeting and familiarity with Friends’ approaches to organization and decision-making.

Organizational Description and Structure

Beacon Hill Friends House ( is a nonprofit Quaker social action center and residential community based in Quaker principles, located in a historic building near the Massachusetts State House and the central parks and public transit hubs of downtown Boston. Our residential program is a multigenerational, cooperative community of approximately 22 adults, grounded in Quaker principles and practices but open to those of any faith or non-faith. Residencies for non-staff residents last up to four years as a time to grow and deepen. Our other programs include offering Quaker hospitality through our overnight guest rooms and our meeting and event spaces, organizing mission­-related public events, and serving as the physical home of Beacon Hill Friends Meeting. We are currently implementing a strategic plan calling us to enlarge our role as a center for Quaker life, learning, leadership, and action.

Public programming of BHFH addresses a wide range of issues, including but not limited to traditional Quaker concerns such as social justice, living with integrity, racial and economic equity, peacebuilding, criminal justice reform, immigration, and environmental stewardship. The audiences for Beacon Hill Friends House programs span various intersecting communities: Quakers, people curious about Quakerism, members of other religious communities, neighbors on Beacon Hill and elsewhere in Boston, Friends House residents, Friends House alumni, anyone who shares the Quaker values in our mission or who wants to work alongside us in moving toward a more just and peaceful world.

Beacon Hill Friends House has four staff positions: the Program Manager, the Residency Manager, the Resident Chef­/Kitchen Manager, and the Executive Director, who supervises the other three staff. All staff members reside at the House. The staff works closely as a team to ensure healthy administration of this small but dynamic organization, where flexibility and give ­and ­take are essential. Staff members also work closely with BHFH’s Board of Managers and volunteer committees.

To apply:

Send a cover letter detailing your qualifications and interest in the position, along with a current resume, to and fill out the staff application for residency in our community. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply soon; applications will be reviewed as received, with interviews starting the week of November 11, 2019.

Beacon Hill Friends House is an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage and seek applications from women and people of color including bilingual and bicultural individuals. Applicants will not be discriminated against because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by law.