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Friends House residents come from a range of ages, identities, and backgrounds. A few current and recent residents include:


It was his hunt for community that brought Christian to BHFH in October of 2018. Originally from Maryland, Christian loves everything about Boston except for snow in April. He loves talking, getting to know people, trying new things. Also, sour patch kids.


Jonathan moved to BHFH in the summer of 2016 straight off the Pacific Crest Trail. A native Californian and avid runner, Johnathan came to the House to return to co-op living in an interfaith, multi-generational setting. He loves living here, and has found it more important to him than he expected.


Wise, generous, and loving Monroe originally hails from Barbados, which might explain his deep appreciation (and excellent preparation) of fish and seafood. He is on the Board of BHFH, the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, and is active at Trinity Episcopal Church.


Ryan moved to BHFH in the spring of 2018 with his wife, Jen. Originally from Oregon, Boston is starting to grow on him.

“I came to Boston for seminary at BU to learn that God is not found in a book or degree, but is found in community and others.”


Growing up an Army brat, David moved too many times to count. His favorite thing to do is talk to his family.

“The house is beautiful; the people are lovely; the location is fantastic.”


Lisa finds Boston to be much like her hometown of Malmö, Sweden. She loves living at BHFH with its care, fun, challenges, and lessons to be learned. Her favorite food is cabbage and if you ask, she just might juggle for you.


A year after her Quaker Voluntary Service fellowship, Elise found herself missing life in a Quaker community. In Boston for graduate school, she likes that Boston is a city with old bones and a radical heart. She loves books, knitting, and rowing.


A life-long learner, Frank came to BHFH in 2016 from Quincy, not too far from his hometown of Braintree, MA. Frank loves witnessing, participating in, and discussing the progression of Western history. He thinks living at the House is great!


Jen loves living in this unique and life-giving place. She moved here in 2017 with her husband, Ryan, whom she could not live without. She loves playing the piano and is a member of Beacon Hill Friends Meeting.

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