Housies at a recent retreat

Housies at a recent retreat

Friends House residents come from a range of ages, identities, and backgrounds. A few recent residents include:

AOBO, 27
Moved into the house: August 2014
Fun fact: I wrote tons of ‘Hello World.’
Among the reasons I decided to live at BHFH:  At first maybe learn English and American culture. Now I enjoy sharing happiness and responsibility with this lovely community.
Advice to prospective housies:  You don’t have a better choice! Join the family.
Other thoughts: Everyone in BHFH is patient to explain any stuff that may confuse me. Though Boston is more than 1000km from my hometown, I don’t feel lonely. BHFH will be an eternal memory of my life!

BEN, 28
Moved into the houseJuly 2013
Fun fact: I once got a group of students lost in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.
Among the reasons I decided to live at BHFH: I was attracted by the idea of living in a coop, but one with time-tested structures to keep things running smoothly.
Advice to prospective housies: This is a great place to live if you are open to being challenged – in your habits, in your schedule, and in the ways you understand the world around you. If that sounds like fun, then come join us!

HOLLY, 40s
Moved into the house: February 2006
Fun fact: Can still speak Czech after living there for a couple of years as a young adult.
Among the reasons I decided to live at BHFH: It seemed a magical combination of some of the most passionate things in my life. It brings together community living into a hub of Quaker activity.
Advice to prospective housies: What is the life lesson that BHFH is here to teach you? Pay attention to what’s hard for you in the house: perhaps it is an invitation for you to grow in some way.

JOHN​, 30
Moved into the house: 2015
Fun fact: ​I have touched an electric eel.
Among the reasons I decided to live at BHFH: I love living in intentional communities.
Advice to prospective housies: Take time to make friends, these people are worth it.

JUSTUS (Danny)​, “Young body, old soul”
Moved into the house: November 2013
Fun fact: ​I like to rap.​
Among the reasons I decided to live at BHFH: Came for the location, stayed for the amazing community.​
Advice to prospective housies: Be proactive. Make stuff. Do more.​

KATIE, 20s
Moved into the houseApril 2014
Among the reasons I decided to live at BHFH: I believe life is richer when lived in community, with shared meals, chores, and purposes, and was seeking a new community in Boston interested in pursuing social justice, table fellowship, spirituality, and supporting one another. Not to mention that my work commute now consists of a stroll across Boston Commons!
Advice to prospective housies: Don’t break your toe. Apply!

Moved into the house: December 2014
Fun fact: I play guitar.
Among the reasons I decided to live at BHFH: It seemed like a unique opportunity and I wanted to explore community living. I knew that I would learn a lot here, push out of my comfort zone, and meet a lot of incredible people! I’m also very much drawn to anything interfaith, because I think unifying across different faiths instead of feeling defined by our differences is one of the most important goals we can pursue as humans.
Advice to prospective housies: It takes some adjustment to transition to this type of living, but it’s so worth it! You may never get another opportunity quite like this one.

Moved into the houseMarch 2013
Among the reasons I decided to live at BHFH: I was seeking to explore my Quaker identity in an environment that would engage my spiritual side on a regular basis. I was moving to Boston for the first time and wanted to live in an intentional community. BHFH is a 10 minute walk from my work! An ideal commute.
Other thoughts: I feel incredibly lucky to live in community with the amazing people who make up the resident community here. My housemates each bring unique gifts and life experiences to the table and I am continually blown away by their compassion and willingness to share. This week one of my housemates completed a marathon, another cooked me pancakes for breakfast, another told me about a journaling practice she has maintained for 50 years, and another helped me repair cracks in the walls of one of our bathrooms.

NARI, 21
Moved into the House: May 2015
Fun Fact: From age 5 to 16, I worked for my family’s tourist business, renting canoes, kayaks, and sailboats in southern Vermont.
Among the reasons why I decided to live at BHFH: I was seeking an intentional community where I’d be able to meet new people in Boston and explore my spiritual identity. Since moving here, I’ve been amazed by the kindness and generosity of my fellow housemates. BHFH has such diverse community and I particularly love living in a multi-generational household. Also, the location is amazing. It really doesn’t get better than this.
Advice to prospective housies: This kind of set-up is a bit unusual, but it works! I’d encourage everyone to apply and join the family!

RYAN, 40
Moved into the house: July 2012
Fun fact: In February of 2012, I had a successful kidney transplant from my identical twin brother. I am very thankful to be here!
Among the reasons I decided to live at BHFH: I wanted to live communally and found BHFH listed in an intentional community website.
Advice to prospective housies: This is a community full of different personalities. Be prepared to meet and befriend lots of different types of people. Also, though religion is a strong presence in the House and many of us have a spiritual practice of some form, we’re not all Quakers and not all of us are religious. Many of us swear. Some of us a lot. Some of us drink alcohol, others do not. Mainly, it’s about respecting other people and their boundaries here..
Other thoughts: Moving to Boston to live at BHFH has been one of the best decisions of my life! I’ve gotten to know some really incredible people here.