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Two back-to-back series of workshops on Thursday evenings in October and November

Workshop times: 7 – 8:30 PM (ET) | Held on Zoom

Cost: $100 per series, $200 for both. Sliding scale rates available.

Questions? Contact Beacon Hill Friends House Program Manager Jen Higgins-Newman, at program@bhfh.org.


Event information

This two-part series is a creative and spiritual process meant to bypass our typical intellectual ways of thinking and understanding. Explore racial justice with creativity, community and love. 


At times, this can be deeply emotional. In some ways it is grief-work. Courage, compassion, and vulnerability are essential to this collective exporation.  LJ is highly skilled in holding this type of space, and requests that in signing up for it, you are ready for this collective experience.


No previous artistic experience is needed, as we will be using art to process rather than producing pieces of art. No matter your level of artistic skill, no matter your previous relation to spirituality and racial justice, you may be surprised at what emerges when you allow yourself to relax into creative flow.


Because this is a group process, it is really important that registrants attend all four sessions. If you have questions about this, please email program@bhfh.org before registering. 


For each series, we have a six-person minimum and a 10-person maximum. We will have a waitlist if we exceed the maximum amount of registrants. 


What participants have to say about heArt-Filled Racial Justice with LJ:


“LJ provides a rich and caring environment in which participants are encouraged to explore deep questions. One does not need to be an artist to enjoy these sessions…playing with art materials simply makes it possible to access parts of the brain and soul that are sometimes hidden to us. This is heArtwork.” 

~ a White participant


“I really appreciate LJ’s style of facilitation. I’m surprised at how powerful an experience this was.” ~ an African American participant


Exploring Whiteness


This series is designed, primarily for white people interested in exploring how whiteness shows up inside of themselves. White people in our society are taught to not see and understand our whiteness. So it is essential for those of us who are white to choose to be curious about what white supremacy culture has taught us; how it manifests in ourselves and our institutions; how we unintentionally harm others and ourselves. 


Each week a different theme will be introduced, sometimes with discomforting images and history, which those of us who are white must confront. Then we will collectively explore, art journal, reflect, discuss, pray and learn with love, Spirit and support. Together we can move through some of the fear, confusion, grief and discomfort towards our collective wisdom, faithfulness and power.


Exploring Our Stories 


This group is for anyone of any racial/ethnic identity who feels drawn to both exploring one’s own internal relationship to race and witnessing others’ stories no matter where they are in their journey of understanding. The structure is designed to support the groups’ co-creation of an open-hearted, creative and collective space that honors each individual’s experience and thoughts without judgment.  In this way, at your own pace you can invite release of stuck and painful racialized places in yourself and/or further understand your own story in relation to our collective experience of race.




Exploring Whiteness and Telling our Personal Stories both stand on their own, so you are welcome to sign up for one or both.


In both series after an introduction to the week’s theme, participants will be invited to relax into a guided meditation, followed by the flow of art journaling. From a space of listening, there will be time to open to Spirit’s guidance as a way of creating what most needs to be expressed or remembered in this moment. For those who are inspired, there will be ample time to share the spiritual crux of their stories and/or drawings. The group will lovingly and silently witness. We will close, with a round of setting intentions/prayerful discernment of next steps.


Each session of Exploring Whiteness will begin with images, writing, and/or teachings on one aspect of white supremacy culture.  There will be an opportunity for discussion and exploration of how whiteness may be impacting us, even as we reflect during our time together.


Exploring Our Personal Stories will begin with an invitation to remember and reflect on one’s own experiences on particular themes around race and racial justice. During the time of sharing, there is no feedback or response to individual shares. This creates a space for each person to be heard completely, without filter, interpretation or question. 


Please bring a journal (or paper) and any art materials that you’d like to work with (this can simply be a pen or pencil) and ensure you have a quiet space to reflect, create and share.


LJ Boswell is white, a spiritual director, Quaker, educator, interfaith chaplain, social justice activist and artist. As such, LJ nourishes curiosity and creativity in order for us to process, heal and come alive! For more info: lj@spiritheals.me | www.spiritheals.me



We are currently unable to offer refunds for missed sessions. 


If fewer than 6 people are registered for a series, we will consider canceling the event. If we do so, we will let you know 48 hours before the program begins and offer a full refund for the canceled series.

Register here!

Each series has its own registration, which you can find below.


Cost: $100 per series 

For sliding scale rates, you can use these codes under “use a coupon”:

– For 25% off the total, enter: SLIDE25
– For 50% off the total, enter: SLIDE50
– For 75% off the total, enter: SLIDE75
– To attend for free, enter: SLIDE100

If you have questions about registration, please email Jen Higgins-Newman, at program@bhfh.org.

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