MIDWEEK returns for a third season on Sept. 14th!

In the Quaker tradition of Midweek (Wednesday) worship, Beacon Hill Friends House brings you MIDWEEK: Experiments in Faithfulness. This is a weekly, one-hour, facilitated spiritual practice with Quaker flavor and an experimental ethos. Each week, a guest facilitator engages us in a unique spiritual practice that is meaningful to them, and that we can bring into our own lives. 

Beacon Hill Friends House is working on making our historic space accessible to everyone.

  • Automated Closed Captions will be available for all participants (on Zoom and in-person).

  • Physical space: This event will take place in our Parlor, which does not have a ground-level entrance. Our primary entrance is up a flight of stairs. If you would like to attend this event but need it to be held in a different space, please indicate so on your registration. ​​On the basement level, we have a single-user, all-gender bathroom with wall-mounted handrails and ample space for chairs and/or aides. We are not a scent-free space but tend to be low-scent.

All MIDWEEK practices going forward are offered on Zoom and in-person at Beacon Hill Friends House. If you choose to attend in our space, here's what you need to know:

  • Covid policies: All in-person attendees are required to be up-to-date on vaccination against COVID-19 and to wear a mask while inside. We ask for proof of vaccination upon entering the building. Masks will be available for those who forget them.

  • Getting to BHFH: Use the address "8 Chestnut St., Boston, MA, 02108" for navigation. We recommend taking public transit to get here: We are a short walk from every transit line in Boston. If you choose to drive in, paid street parking is available on Charles Street (and on Beacon Street before 6 pm). We also have parking passes available for $9 to the Boston Common Garage.

Questions? Contact our Program Director, Jen, at program@bhfh.org. 

Thank you for this soul-stretching series and the delightful geography-defying opportunity to be among Friends.
– Martha Penzer, Burlington, VT

Register for an upcoming practice:

September 21, 2022
Barbara Birch | Quaker Embodied Spirituality and Body Loving

Quaker embodied spirituality is a relationship with the Divine that joins body, mind, and spirit together with Oneness. Our bodies are sacred spaces for Spirit to inhabit and transform. In this MIDWEEK, we explore our body wisdom as the foundation for our testimonies. In a practice called Meditation for Body Loving, we will develop interoception and increase body appreciation. We will listen to what our bodies want to say to us.


Barbara Birch belongs to Strawberry Creek Meeting in Berkeley CA. She is passionate about her leading to understand early Quaker embodied spirituality and its relevance to modern Friends. She will have a book called Eating with Christ: Feasting, Fasting, Food, Fun, and Friends coming out in 2023 from Barclay Press.

September 28, 2022
Welling Hall | Fabrico Divina as a Sabbath Practice (Hybrid Event)

This practice grows out of an exploration of Quaker theological conceptions of rest in relation to faith, work, and creation. Fabrico divina is an experimental extension of the familiar meditation techniques lectio and audio divina. In this MIDWEEK, we will meditate on work, rest and sabbath through the practice of collage. 

After retiring from Earlham College as Plowshares Professor of Peace Studies, Welling Hall decided to return to school and is now an MDiv student at BU School of Theology. She has an emerging ministry in helping elders use their technology to stay engaged with their faith communities. 

You can also read about her work of transforming weapons into art here

Greg Woods

October 5, 2022
Greg Woods | Faithful to Structures or to Worship? (Hybrid Event)

​George Fox imagined “a great people to be gathered” when he was on Pendle Hill.


​For more than three and half centuries, what does it mean to gather in worship these days? Our current world is much different than 17th Century England. How is our worship/community accessible to newcomers, especially disabled people?


​Lastly, are we ultimately being faithful to the structure of worship or to the Spirit among us in worship? What are the sacred cows we are holding onto in worship?


​Greg will lead a Midweek exploring these questions from a standpoint of uplifting/centering the disabled community.


Greg Woods is a disabled theologian and writer living in Minneapolis. He is a project consultant with BHFH for the Living Your Call vocational discernment workshop program he co-leads with Jen Higgins-Newman.

October 12, 2022
eppchez yo-sí yes | Touching Ancestral Accountability: Guided Meditation (Hybrid Event)

This guided meditation is an invitation to connect with the energy of ancestors who we tend to turn away from in shame by invoking a common pattern of transmutation from subjugated to privileged and dominating. This was a pattern acted out by white colonizers in the Americas, but the pattern is not exclusive to that experience of whiteness. I hope that becoming familiar with this energy transformation pattern helps us all be more creative with how we use and transmute our divine energy to create a more loving world.


Eppchez Yes is a playwright and inventor living in Philadelphia. EY is a member of Green Street Meeting and currently serves as co-clerk for Friends General Conference’s Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee. EY helped develop The Welcoming Friend program and ongoing Quaker experiments with the practice of noticing patterns of oppression and faithfulness.

David Coletta
Jen Newman

October 19, 2022
David Coletta and Jen Newman | Exploring Hybridity (Hybrid Event)

The ability to gather in a hybrid capacity — with people attending online and at an onsite location — has been tremendously important in connecting people over the last two years. Whether for events like workshops and lectures, for memorials and weddings, for worship, and more, hybrid gatherings seem to be here to stay. But how do we deepen our practice of gathering in hybrid ways? Just like the setting of space for an event can be a spiritual practice, so is setting up our hybrid spaces. In this MIDWEEK practice, David and Jen will help us explore how to grow our spiritual skills around hybrid gatherings.

David Coletta, as a teenager in the late 1970s, came to Quakers through the NEYM Young Friends program, and volunteered as staff for another decade. Completing a first career in technology and yearning to focus on people rather than machines, he discovered that the pandemic created the ideal conditions for him to find that work. David’s leading is to serve Quaker meetings and organizations by exploring faithful use of technology that supports worship and community.

Jennifer Newman is a Quaker, theologian, writer, activist, and currently the Program Director at Beacon Hill Friends House. She holds a Master of Theological Studies from Vanderbilt Divinity School, and is a skilled facilitator of hybrid gatherings — for BHFH, as well as for New England Yearly Meeting, the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative, and Pendle Hill.

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