Beacon Hill Friends House Programs

Online opportunities for spiritual exploration and deepening, and social action.

MIDWEEK: Experiments in Faithfulness

In the Quaker tradition of Midweek (Wednesday) worship, we at the Friends House are excited to bring you MIDWEEK: Experiments in Faithfulness. This is a free, weekly, facilitated spiritual practice with Quaker flavor and an experimental ethos.

Each Wednesday evening, a guest facilitator engages us in a unique spiritual practice. You can attend live, or you can view the short videos later!

Walking with the Bible

This is a monthly series of Bible hours on the first Sunday of the month, in partnership our friends at Woolman Hill.

In each session, Peter Blood-Patterson will welcome a series of different Friends as guest leaders. We will have a chance to hear what role the Bible plays in each of these Friends’ lives and to hear what approaches to the Bible they find work in their personal practice and group settings.

Alumni Story Hour: Fall Edition

October 24, 2020, 2 - 3 PM (ET) For Friends House Alumni: After a successful event this summer, we're bringing you another alumni story hour! This is a time for resident alumni of the Friends House to come share and listen to (short) stories from other former residents. You can come prepared with a story you want to share, or tell the stories that rise for you as hear others. ** This event is free, but only open to resident alumni of the Friends House **

Writing as a Spiritual Practice drop-in workshops​

Gather in a safe, meditative, encouraging environment for two hours of creative exploration with former BHFH Program Manager Emily Savin. These virtual writing workshops, conducted in the Amherst Writers & Artists method, offer an experience that is both grounded and playful, both individual and communal. **There is a sliding scale cost to attend these workshops**

Unknowing God, a workshop

Sunday, October 18, from 1 to 3 PM Eastern Time on Zoom: In this interactive workshop, participants will engage with readings, queries, journaling, and discussion to engage deeply with what they believe about God, and give themselves permission to let it go (following the ancient practice of apophasis or the unsaying of God). **There is a sliding scale cost to attend this workshop**

Simple Morning Meditation Practice

This simple meditation practice helps reduce stress and ease you into the morning. The meditation is 15 minutes long, and begins and ends with a brief introduction to the practice. Orientation for newcomers begins at 8:00 AM, and the practice begins at 8:10 AM, Monday through Friday. Join once or join regularly! This meditation is free and open to the public.

Questions? Have an for an event?​

Email our Program Manager, Jen:

Jen Higgins-Newman

Program Manager

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Nils Klinkenberg

Executive Director

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