A Wonderful Kind of Community

May 13th, 2024 | Emily Smith

Photos: Emily Smith as a house resident from 2017 – 2021. Courtesy of Emily Smith and BHFH.

Dear Friends,

I came to Beacon Hill Friends House for the first time in 2015 to attend Quaker worship one Sunday morning. As I walked through the house, I passed a door with a sign proclaiming “Resident Room.” I remember thinking “People live here? Why on earth would they do that?”

Two years later, I would find the answer: community—the deep, loving, challenging, messy, wonderful kind of community.

I lived at BHFH from 2017 to 2021, and in those four years, I developed nurturing friendships, experienced the joys and difficulties of living in community, and grew deeply through my relationships with my fellow housies. BHFH gave me a home for four years but, for almost eight years now, it continues to offer me a community.

After I moved out, I remained connected to the house by attending house dinners or work day, by staying in touch with my former housemates (now close friends), and by serving on the BHFH board as clerk of the Nominating Committee. The Friends House and the community it fosters are an important source of light in my life, and I’m sure that feeling resonates for many of you too.

For those of us who love the Friends House, feel passionate about its mission to embody Quaker principles, or feel called to support community, there are many opportunities to connect (or reconnect!) with BHFH!

Please take a look at BHFH’s volunteer interest survey to learn more about how to connect, to share about your gifts and skills, or let us know about a specific volunteer interest. Whether it’s through leading a MIDWEEK worship, helping out with work day, or serving on the Board of Managers, there is a way for every one of us to support this organization that does so much to build and support community.

In light and community,

Emily Smith

Clerk of BHFH Nominating Committee

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