What is Beacon Hill Friends House?

Beacon Hill Friends House is a center for Quaker learning and action, the home of Beacon Hill Friends Meeting, and a residential intentional community grounded in Quaker principles.

Our mission is ….

To embody the Quaker principles of faith, simplicity, integrity, community and social responsibility in order to nurture and call forth the Light in all of us.

Beacon Hill Friends House fulfills its mission by: 

  • Providing a center where Friends and others can meet, worship, and learn
  • Advancing and fostering the principles of the Religious Society of Friends
  • Offering opportunities for leadership development, personal deepening, and collective action
  • Maintaining a diverse, intentional, residential community guided by Friends principles

Strategic Plan

In January 2017, the BHFH Board of Managers approved a bold Strategic Plan for the next three years of the Friends House. The plan is summarized in the slides below, and may be read in full here: BHFH Strategic Plan.

Our staff

Jeffrey Edenberg

Residency and Operations Director

Jen Higgins-Newman

Program Manager

Vickie Wu

Resident Chef &

Kitchen Manager

Nils Klinkenberg

Executive Director

Our board

The Board of Managers meets four times a year to provide oversight for the work of the House and to assist in the operations of the house. It is comprised of local Friends, two residents of the House, a representative from Beacon Hill Friends Meeting, alumni and others who care about the organization.


Learn more about our board.

About Quakers


 Learn more about The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and the groups with whom Beacon Hill Friends House are associated:

The Beacon Hill Friends Meeting

Salem Quarterly Meeting

New England Yearly Meeting

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