Emily Provance: Spiritual Gifts Workshop

Spiritual Gifts Workshop
Featuring Emily Provance
January 31, 2020, 7 to 8:30 PM 
8 Chestnut St., Boston, MA 02108

What are spiritual gifts? Do all of us have them? Are mine and yours the same? How do different sorts of gifts work together? What happens when our gifts are so different that we have trouble understanding one another?

In this brief workshop, we’ll take a look at a specific list of spiritual gifts and definitions to help us build a common vocabulary. We’ll explore how spiritual gifts fit together in the context of community, and we’ll learn about the development of spiritual gifts, since having them doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve figured out how to use them perfectly.

Wisdom, faith, service, speaking, teaching, shepherding, healing, mercy, administration, leadership… we’ll talk about each of these gifts, and many more.

Wheelchair-accessible space. Child care available upon request.

Email program@bhfh.org for more information or visit our Facebook event page.

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