Birds of a Feather

June 08, 2021 | by Jen Higgins-Newman, BHFH Program Manager

Birdhouses painted by residents during our retreat this weekend, themed “Beacon Hill Bird House.” Photo credit: @thetravelingkieto

Dear Friends, 

This weekend was our spring retreat — which retreat committee themed “Beacon Hill Bird House.”

In March of last year, our spring retreat committee was planning our time together as the pandemic became a reality.

This year, as the world begins to reopen like spring blooms after a long frost, considering birds seemed apropos. After all, many birds roost communally, while also flying solo throughout the day, much like the ways our life together looks as an intentional community. 

During our retreat, we had longer dinners together, painted birdhouses (pictured above), talked about creating a call-in culture to more fully live into our anti-racism/anti-bias/inclusion commitments, sang together, and held an interfaith meeting for worship where residents brought spiritual practices that are meaningful to them. 

Resident Blaine Saito writes of his experience, “Retreat was a wonderful opportunity not only to connect to our housemates but to engage in deeper conversations with each other about the community we want to build. We were able to have a lot of fun too!”

Carving out moments where we can roost together for a little bit longer, co-creating our community through moments of joy, imagination, and deep discussion, are part of what makes the experience of living at BHFH special and significant. And we look forward to sharing parts of that experience with all of you. 

In Light and Community,