Full up on Community

October 22, 2022 | Jen Newman

Photo: In early October, Greg Woods and Jen Newman ran a Vocational Discernment Workshop. Participants gathered onsite and on Zoom to explore what kinds of work they feel called to in community with others. 

This season at Beacon Hill Friends House feels so full of life and community.

We have held many kinds of gatherings with participants onsite and online that are both full of smiles and deeply connecting. Beacon Hill Friends Meeting has returned to holding worship weekly, and we have been supporting them in refining their experience of hybrid worship.

We have a nearly full house at BHFH — and just had a playful and reflective house retreat.
We also have had more groups using our space for their own community connection.

In seasons like this, where things feel so wonderfully full but also so immensely busy, I know that I need grounding more than ever. I often look at my to-do list (like this morning’s, which is lengthy) and get sucked into how I’m going to get all of these tasks done. It’s important to get the list done, but it’s also important to take a step back and make sure that what I am choosing to spend time on is faithful.

In a MIDWEEK back in 2020, former BHFH Director Holly Baldwin led us in a practice called “Chrysalis Time,” where she offered us a template for how to structure our workdays to honor how many tasks we need to get done while centering faithfulness. I appreciate this contemplative practice of beginning the day focused on what I want to be faithful to, and structuring the tasks I will complete around that core.

I continue to be excited that one of the things I get to be faithful to is connecting with all of you.

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